My name is Terri Collicott and I have two beautiful daughters who were both born with Cystic Fibrosis. This is a genetic disease that affects both the lungs and the pancreas. The severity of the disease varies from person to person but without a cure or control, it will eventually shorten the lives of those who have it. Because both of my daughters are affected with CF, I am always investigating and researching anything that could help them live long healthy lives for a long as possible and this was my driving force in starting this event. The main reason we chose this type of fundraiser is because our family has always been physically active and has believed from the day one that exercise can only help – over the past number of years this has proven to be true - exercise can actually improve lung function of those suffering from CF.

The Outrun CF 5K Walk/Run event started in 2010 when I happened upon a website advertising Outrun CF in the United States. The idea was for the whole country to hold a 5K walk/run on the same day. I thought that it would be great if we could do something the same here but on a smaller basis. I spoke to my family and my sister (a marathon runner) gave her full support and offered to get some of her running buddies to join in.

I then contacted the Durham Cystic Fibrosis Canada Chapter for suggestions on how to get started and Chapter President Mitch LePage jumped right in to help. His fundraising knowledge and business experience were invaluable and without it we would have never been able to do what we have.

In our first year we managed to raise a respectable $3,500 (we were thrilled) as our goal was $2000. The following year we almost doubled that amount and raised $6,700. Last year, in our sixth year of OutrunCF, we raised over $24,000. But we are only getting started and hope that each year we can raise more money than the one before. Every penny raised goes directly into research and drug therapy.

A sincere thank you goes out to all of our friends and families who come out every year to walk or run, who beg all their friends and families for donations, for making this such a successful event.